As fluoroscopy-guided procedures have increased in volume and complexity, the radiation dose to patients and health care personnel have increased as well. The evidence overwhelmingly shows that exposure to higher doses of radiation carries inherent life-altering risks.
Increased radiation exposure can lead to:
34% Increased Risk
6X Increased Risk
Brain Cancer
2X Increased Risk
DNA Damage
Immediately After One Procedure
Significant Increased Risk
Radiation's Impact on Clinicians

  • ControlRad is your answer to the guiding principle of radiation safety - ALARA "as low as reasonably achievable"
  • Using our dynamic, intelligent collimation technology, ControlRad reduces harmful, unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient and medical personnel by at least 50-85%
  • Maintain image quality where it matters, while reducing unnecessary radiation in the periphery
  • ControlRad is integrated onto facilities’ existing mobile and fixed C-arms, so wherever your C-arm goes, so does the benefit
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Jan 07 - 08, 2022
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ControlRad Cut Radiation Exposure to Physicians by More than Half in Beaumont Study