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ControlRad, Inc. has established a Compliance Hotline for individuals to report known or suspected compliance concerns. To submit a report, complete the form below.
Compliance concerns include those in any of the following areas: Violations of applicable laws, regulations, and/or industry codes. Violations of U.S. federal health care program requirements. Violations of ControlRad’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Violations of ControlRad’s policies and procedures. Other general compliance concerns or issues.

NOTE: Do not use this site to report emergencies. If you require emergency assistance, contact local authorities.

All reports to the Compliance Hotline will be kept in confidence and revealed only to the persons in charge of the investigation. ControlRad will investigate and follow up on all Compliance Hotline reports. ControlRad prohibits retaliation against any individual who makes a good faith report of a suspected compliance or legal issue.

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    You are invited to disclose your identity, which shall be kept confidential and revealed only to the persons in charge of the investigation, except in cases of malicious intent from your side. Providing your contact information may help expedite the investigation.
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