Compared to healthcare professionals not exposed to radiation, cath lab workers (including doctors, nurses and technicians) exposed to radiation for a median of 10 years had higher odds of having skin lesions by 2.8X, cancer 3X, orthopedic problems 7.1X, hypertension 1.5X and cataracts 6.3X.

Acute DNA damage was detected in operators immediately after performing fluoroscopically guided aortic procedures.

Long-term radiation exposure in a cath lab may be associated with increased subclinical CIMT (carotid intima-media thickness) and telomere length shortening, suggesting evidence of accelerated vascular aging and early atherosclerosis. 

Radiation's Impact on Interventional Cardiologists

Dr. Emmanouil Brilakis
(Interventional Cardiology)

Dr. George Dangas
(Interventional Cardiology)

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