Female orthopedic surgeons' prevalence of cancer was 85% higher than the general U.S. female population. They also had 2.9 times higher prevalence of breast cancer when compared to general U.S. female population.

Nearly half of all fluoroscopic orthopedic procedures expose the physician to enough radiation to increase the risk of thyroid cancer (exceeded 65 microSv).

Orthopedic surgeons have 5X risk of cancer than radiation-exposed non-physicians and 3X the risk of non-orthopedic physicians. These findings caution against surgeons’ underestimation of the potential radiation risk and insufficient promotion of safe work practices by their health care institutions.

Radiation's Impact on Orthopedic Surgeons

Dr. Judy Baumhauer
(Foot and Ankle)

Dr. Freddy Achecar

Dr. Tom Myers
(Sports Med and Trauma)

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