ControlRad Trace reduces harmful, unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient and medical personnel by
at least 50%*. ControlRad Trace does not compromise image quality nor negatively impact workflow.
Features include:
Dynamic Filter System
Proprietary Image Processing Algorithm
Semi-Transparent Collimation
(Complimentary to Standard C-arm Collimation)
Retrofits on Existing Mobile C-arms
(GE OEC 9800 and 9900 Elite Models)
Tablet Interface
No Capital Expenses
How ControlRad Trace Works
1. Draw the ROI
Define the desired Region of Interest (ROI) by drawing on the ControlRad Tablet’s intuitive touch screen.
2. Filters Adjust

The system’s semi-transparent titanium plates then move in direct response to the tablet interface to create the precise ROI window.

The intelligent filters permit the full, useful dose of radiation within the ROI, while blocking a majority of the radiation outside of the ROI.

The image is processed through ControlRad Trace’s advanced algorithm to deliver a high-quality image of the ROI, while maintaining adequate resolution in the periphery.

3. Reduce Radiation

The result is a reduction in Dose Area Product (DAP) radiation by at least 50%* without negatively impacting workflow or image quality within the ROI.

The dose reduction rate, which also accounts for C-arm collimation, is then displayed on the tablet and C-arm monitor in real-time.

*Data on file (K183109, K200663)

ControlRad Trace Testimonials

Dr. Andy Cappuccino (Ortho Spine)

Dr. Anthony Giuffrida (Interventional Pain)

Baily Miskimins (Radiology Tech)

Clinical and Product Images